A letter to my children.


Taken from the introduction pages of “Dear Dad, a journal of a lifetime”…

“18th August, 2015.  Glenrothes.

Sat alone in a hotel a long way from home, I suddenly found myself thinking, “Can I remember the day you were born?” And in a flash I was back in maternity thirty years ago, being passed a baby by a mid-wife to feed with a tiny bottle (the baby not the mid-wife) while your mum was being stitched up, scarlet red pads under her looking like she had no blood left in her.  Horrified and elated in the same second.

Fast forward to 1989, and a totally different scene.  Doctors and nurses by the score; Kimberley dragging her heels and Kirsty launching herself like a bungee jump.

Some memories never fade.

I hope between us we have created some indelible memories that you will cherish long after I have gone, and of course I hope we will create a few more before that time comes round!

When Grandad Norman died, I didn’t think I would ever remember the good times, only the second that he took his last breath.  A couple of years on, and it’s good to know that image now only pops up occasionally and better memories prevail.  It will be the same for you eventually, so don’t despair.

You have all taken different paths and your journey has a long way to go yet.  Although you may think otherwise, I have always been proud how you have all become independent women very quickly, and each carved out a path that worked for you.  I will always be proud of who you are, and what you have each achieved.  Never belittle yourself.  You all have partners now, and regardless of what people may think of your choices, they are your choices and not to be judged by others.

All I will say is this;  you are all lovely individuals as you are – please don’t ever change who you are to suit others.  If you aren’t good enough as yourself, then it’s time to find someone who truly appreciates you.

Ok – Enough philosophy.  Let’s continue with my journey down memory lane.  I wonder how surprised you will be, or do you know me as well as you think?

Love Dad x”


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