Go West…

Wait – time warp moment again.  Before getting into my time in Asia, I just want to hop back and mention my visit to the USA – and an important friendship that was to develop from it.

With Fibresand building a reputation in the UK, and Denmark and Luxembourg heralded a huge success, my boss’s attention was drawn further afield, and he turned his attention to the west, and the huge market of the United States of America… Continue reading

To infinity and beyond.

So this was my new life.    QA manager for the group (two quarries, a brickworks and an asphalt plant), health and safety manager for the same departments, editor of our company newspaper “The Sand Martin” (a real writing job!), social club organiser, and now – globe trotting technician / engineer.     How far I had come from that tiny, dirty lab in the foundry, and not a coal mine to be seen…

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Where were you?

It’s a question that is often asked once a year – where were you on the day of the world trade center attack? September 11th 2001.    Many people will always remember where they were.   My friend for instance was in a plane over New York at the time, and was diverted to Maine and holed up in a hotel for three days as all air travel was banned.  I know exactly where I was… and it remains as vivid today as it did back then.    Continue reading

The silver screen.

It always intrigues me where phrases come from – and “The Silver Screen” is one of them.  Apparently in the early days of the silent movie, screens where painted with metallic paint in order to make the projections brighter for the audience.   “The Silver Screen” has always been an important part of my life.   Roll film…

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Well read…

The written word dominates our life, in everything we do.    But it goes further than being able to fill in a form, follow road signs or post messages on facebook.  It feeds our imaginations, it inspires us, and ultimately it allows us to leave our own thoughts for future generations, who ever may be interested in them.

A collection of words is a sentence, sentences form paragraphs, paragraphs build into chapters and chapters create stories.  This is mine.

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