The day I was born.

Robert Minchin, born 26 Python Hill Rd, Rainworth, 20th June 1960, about 1 p.m..

I know this first hand, I was there!  

In those days, home births were the norm.  When Jeffrey was born, I remember Dad bringing a single bed downstairs into the dining room (I think we might have called it the parlour in those days),  and mum had Jeffrey in there, with grandma Burch and a mid-wife on hand.

I remember being very excited, and very scared due to the screams coming through the closed door.  Don’t ever put your children through that!

I remember the door opening and me going into the dining room, and just like Christmas Day, finding mum sat up with Jeffrey in her arms wrapped in a blanket.

I recall the smell wasn’t pleasant, but that all soon faded.

Fortunately, by the time my own three appeared, home births were definitely a thing of the past.   Thank goodness!

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